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July 18 2017

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So hot recently! Here is another summer Dinosports!! Please enjoy dino diving~

January 30 2017

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December 24 2016

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December 11 2016

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December 04 2016

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This toy situation is getting out of hand 😬

November 15 2016

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October 22 2016

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What Anno’s Godzilla should be.

…turns out I wasn’t exactly wrong, with that ending shot and and all…

October 02 2016

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wedding traditions

September 13 2016

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August 27 2016

August 21 2016

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August 16 2016

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Tokyo’s Pink Glow

Xavier Portela takes us on a visual sojourn through the luminous landscape of Tokyo, saturating the sidewalks, streets and sights in a pink-hued glow. On a recent trip to Japan, Portela observed a distinct vibrancy in the quality of noise, light, and people — one that emits an undeniably dynamic energy. through the series ‘Tokyo’s Glow’, the Brussels-based photographer aims to recreate the spirited sensation that visitors experience upon arrival to Japan’s mega metropolis.

Images and text via

August 14 2016

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August 13 2016

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Thank you for the nightmares John Landis :)

August 12 2016

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arrghh, you know how it be

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