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August 12 2016

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One of my favorite things about rewatching Cowboy Bebop is seeing all these one-line characters that you instantly know everything about from how they decorate their tiny box in space.

This show influenced the hell out of how I do character and environment designs in my comics

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Giro d’Italia illustrations by Katsuhiro Otomo, the author of Akira.

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Showcase from Pingo van der Brinkloev demonstrating tool to render virtual realistic fabrics down to individual hairs using procedural methods:

Knitbox is an inhouse collection of digital assets for procedural creation of 3D fabric. Created in SideFX Houdini and rendered with Arnold on Gridmarkets.com 


August 05 2016

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August 04 2016

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Windmill Fire. [video]

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Interactive Mechanics for Virtual Reality

Visualized research from Eugene Krivoruchko and Ilja Burzev explore several ideas involving interaction in a virtual reality environment, with some entertaining results:

This work is a series of short-form VR experiences that explore a selection of various interactive mechanics, specific to the spatial medium. Our focus on interaction comes from the belief that anything the exists in the dynamic environment must obtain a certain degree of dynamic properties.

What is common for all experiences throughout the series is that at first predictable-looking environment starts to exhibit a behavior, that is less expected and even impossible outside of virtual reality. Instead of creating abstract-looking spaces, we aimed to explore abstract behaviors.

We chose working with optical hand tracking using Leap Motion over better preforming handheld controllers for the sake of leveraging direct manipulation and untethered hand gestures. While lacking haptic feedback is a serious drawback of optical tracking right now, we consider being able to interact with virtual environment using your bare hands to be an important milestone that the medium will move towards in the future.

More Here

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James Zanoni, test_0610, 2015

Inspired by the illustrations of Beth Brown

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See more artwork by James Zanoni on iheartmyart.
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August 02 2016

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A Bug’s life, Remus Tiplea

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Mainstream Monday - Jurassic Academy by Kobori Makoto. Seralized in Evening and scanlated by Hox.

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燃えよデブゴン (1978)

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セガ ロボピッチャ

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August 01 2016

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July 31 2016

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July 28 2016

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